NAET the Healing Technique Everyone Should Know About

Imagine not reacting severely to foods you are allergic to, and maybe even being able to eat something you previously could not tolerate. Dream about what it would be like to vastly improve your thyroid and immune functions. Contemplate how it would feel to have fewer dizzy spells, faintness, better balance and more stamina. Envision feeling … More NAET the Healing Technique Everyone Should Know About

An Introduction to Wholesome Valour

Hello and Welcome to Wholesome Valour! My name is Loraine. I am a third-culture kid, free-spirit and maximizer. I love watching legendary vloggers on YouTube and dancing to just about any genre of music. I enjoy contemplating life’s big questions, designing innovative strategies and mentoring youth. I am an entrepreneurial millennial, advocating wellness through this blog. I have been […]

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