5 Inspirational Blogs You Need To Follow Now!

I am convinced blogs are the best thing on planet internet. Alluring and inspiring, blogs are an introvert's paradise. Looking to add a little enchantment to your life? Search no more. Here are 5 Inspiration Blogs You Need To Follow. 1. Bethany at http://www.lilsipper.com  If you've seen a tempting tasty treat pic on Instagram, chances are… Continue reading 5 Inspirational Blogs You Need To Follow Now!


Why “Healed” can be a Difficult Concept to Accept

"Your body can heal. You can get better," Dr. Alex said knelt in front of me. We had just finished another huge meninge release and I was out of sorts. Dizzy, faint and now totally enraged at the comment spoken, I peered back into Dr. Alex's eyes. I said nothing. It felt like an empty… Continue reading Why “Healed” can be a Difficult Concept to Accept

How To Turn Grief into Passion

Often times I feel as though grievance has been an overlapping theme in my life the past few years. The eyes of my heart have come to see grief as a process not only experienced following the death of a loved one, but something that we go through for other reasons as well. Break ups,… Continue reading How To Turn Grief into Passion

NAET the Healing Technique Everyone Should Know About

Imagine not reacting severely to foods you are allergic to, and maybe even being able to eat something you previously could not tolerate. Dream about what it would be like to vastly improve your thyroid and immune functions. Contemplate how it would feel to have fewer dizzy spells, faintness, better balance and more stamina. Envision feeling… Continue reading NAET the Healing Technique Everyone Should Know About

3 Things I wish I had Known About Repatriation

Repatriation will take longer than anticipated. Nor will it be as terrible or wonderful as your expectations. You will view your passport country from an entirely new perspective. Though you are not so fond of it, you may not curse it the same way you did after you fell in love with your host country, but… Continue reading 3 Things I wish I had Known About Repatriation

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you Friederike for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Be sure to visit her blog at https://theworldoffritters.wordpress.com/. I admire her ability to balance blogging with being a student. Her posts are always thought provoking and her photography is enchanting. Thank your nominator and add a link to their blog Answer the 11 questions sent by… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award


A huge thank you to Friederike at http://www.theworldoffritters.wordpress.com for nominating me for this award! I am honoured! Be sure to check out Friederike's lovely blog. I love the photos she posts, not to mention her light-hearted, passion shines through each of her posts. Truly a beautiful blogger. THE RULES: Thank the blogger who nominated you… Continue reading THE INSPIRATIONAL BLOGGER AWARD