5 Non-Mall Activities to do in Dubai

Whether you are a tourist or an experienced Expat, you are no stranger to all the malls in the UAE. There is no denying Dubai is notorious for luxury shopping. The Emirate boasts home to several record breaking malls – world’s biggest and best! But sometimes you just want to get outdoors. To change things up again, here are 5 Non-Mall Activities to do in Dubai. 

  1. Bastiqia 

    100_1322.JPGThe Basitqia quarters is located a short walk from the Dubai museum, beyond the souks. This neighbourhood is rich with culture, history and fabulous architecture. Explore boldly and take your time. The museums are spaced far apart without much signage to advertise their whereabouts. It is recommended to just go ahead and pop in if you see an open door. Here is a taste of what you’ll find:

    1. Coffee Museum
    2. Architectural Foundations
    3. An Art Museum (features the incredible works of local Artists)
    4. Stamp Museum
    5. Coin Museum
  2. RTA Water Taxi 

    100_1184.JPGTake a day cruise around Dubai on the new RTA water taxis. Hop on and off at multiple stops along the creek. See where old meets new as you sail around the Emirate. Click here to plan your route and Click here to book your tickets. Bon voyage!

  3. Dubai Creek Park. 

    100_1337.JPG100_1339.JPG100_1350.JPG100_1334.JPG Stunning views. Gorgeous greenery. Tons of open space. There is something for everyone at Dubai Creek Park.The front entrance of the park is overwhelmed with plenty of family fun activities. Ride a pony, camel or real helicopter! Then, head over to the Dubai Dolphinarium to see the dolphins, seals and exotic birds. Stop by the mirror maze for some silly selfies. Children will love this park! Head on over to the Children’s Museum and Planetarium. There are several super fun playgrounds located through out the park as well. Families may also enjoy a cable car ride across the park. There’s plenty for adults as well. Walk along the beaches of the creek. Explore the many beautiful gardens. Or simply relax with a picnic lunch or dinner.

  4. Butterfly Garden 100_1154.JPG

    Immerse yourself in fairytale wonders and magic. Thousands of butterflies flutter around you as you walk through picturesque domes. Take some time to sit in a gazebo or in the amphitheater to let the butterflies land on you. It truly is a charming, idyllic and calming experience!

  5. Miracle Gardens 

    100_1384.JPG100_1385.JPG100_1447.JPGLocated near the Butterfly Garden, this park will leave have you feeling like you are walking in a fantasy or on the set of a Disney movie! Vibrant colours make for a fantastic visual experience. Photographers, this is a brilliant place to capture a few winning pics. The Miracle Gardens is also a fun place to show off your model status. Many of the ladies (and men!) dress smart and pose in front of the unique landscapes. During the day, the sun enhances the allure of the flowers and plants. At night, the displays are lit, creating an enchanting feeling.

What do you think? Are you feeling inspired to break out of the mall habit for a day? Now, these are only 5 out of many non-mall related activities to do in Dubai.  If you are still looking for more ideas, here’s a mini list:

  • Mushrif Park
  • Wild Wadi
  • Kite Beach
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Flamingo Sanctuary
  • The Bio-Dome
  • Dubai Safari Park  (coming soon!)
  • Safa Park (Under renovation -but still open)

The mini list above is of attractions, so below you will find some ideas on activities without fees:

Whatever you choose to do in Dubai I would like to wish you good luck. Stay safe, happy and well. Most importantly, have fun while you are out and about!

Disclaimer! This list is specific to Dubai – the other Emirates were not included in this list. (Apologies to Sharjah, Fujerah , Abu Dhabi, Aj-Man, Umm al Quwain, and Ras Al-Khaimah!) These Emirates are wonderful and beautiful. Check out a Time Out magazine or other travel guide for specific information regarding things to do in these Emirates. 

What are your favourite things to do in Dubai?

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