The Beginning

Blogging is something I have wanted to do for over a decade and (small) business is my jam yo. As I child, I always told people I wanted to be a pet store owner. I also played the floppy disk game, Lemonade Stand. Yes. That was me. A little entrepreneur in bloom. I was also an avid little writer. Since the age of seven, I have kept journals. My childhood dream was that someone would read my journals, think they were amazing and I would become the next Laura Ingalls Wilder or Anne Frank.

By the time I was a pre-teen technology was progressing. Computer here. Computer there. Computers everywhere! Computers had become the new household appliance. Pretty much everyone had one or more in their house. Though, the usefulness and future of computers was still mysterious to me. I Would hear my relatives talk about these people called “bloggers”. My vague understanding was that they were mostly young females and women, who basically wrote an open journal to lots of people. I was fascinated. One of my older cousins was a blogger. My uncle exclaimed, “Man she is a blogger! She writes and writes and writes…” Whatever a blogger was, it sound like fun and I wanted to be one. Maybe I wouldn’t have to wait until I was dead to be a writer.  For some reason that was my thought process as kid / pre-teen. All authors were dead people. Kind of morbid, I know.

Flash forward to a teenage (about 15 years old) punk rock princess- that’s when I started reading blogs. I read the blogs of the older teens and friends in my community. Around that time I was allowed to create a Facebook account. I did not know much about it, but I was excited when I found the Notes feature on my page. I posted excerpts, poems, mini-essays and short stories. To me it was the same as a blog. It was a safe and secure place for a young writer to share her works. Like a play pen for a toddler, I was able to explore my passion in the safety of the Facebook walls. No creepers or haters for me!

When I was 18, I started my first Blogger blog. I had just finished my gap year, and wanted a more meaningful connection with the friends I had made during that year. After a few months, I began to lose focus on writing my posts, as I experimented with changing the blog name and theme countless times. At 19, I read a book on How to Blog. I picked up blogging again. Then, I started a Tumblr blog and kept with it more regularly for quite some time.

Now, in my quarter-life I desire to move up a level and go public with this whole blogging thing! I founded Wholesome Valour as a way to get in touch with my business side. After all, before I learned to write, my first dream career was to own a pet store. Ah, yes. Little business woman me. I am privileged enough to be an adult in this era of opportunity. Anything is possible. There are kids under the age of sixteen starting million dollar businesses these days. I mean have you watched an episode of Shark Tank recently?!?If the wee little ones can do it, I am more than confident I have what it takes to run a business. A blog is a business. A blog is also a place for a writer. These two together are a beautiful couple and they are going to make babies out of my childhood dreams. When those kids grow up, man…I want to see them igniting change in the world.

I want Wholesome Valour to become a place of service to others. I desire to reach others through sharing my experiences and advice. First I must use my talent of writing to stand up and speak out. Though I am a soft spoken woman, I have a loud mind that loves to talk to pen and paper or keyboard to Word. I have been quiet for far too long. I have stories to share! I have insight and wisdom. I want to connect with people in a new way. I want to build a community. I want to enlighten and connect with people and help equip them with Wholesome Valour.

That’s the end. Um. No! This was the start. Yeah.  Well anyway, the start is over now. Please feel free to explore the rest of the site. Click the subscribe button to receive email updates. And go ahead and click the social media links to see what I am up to.

Wait! One more thing.  Just in case no one told you yet today… you belong in this world.


Sincerely, Loraine

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