An Introduction to Wholesome Valour

Hello and Welcome to Wholesome Valour!

My name is Loraine. I am a third-culture kid, free-spirit and maximizer. I love watching legendary vloggers on YouTube and dancing to just about any genre of music. I enjoy contemplating life’s big questions, designing innovative strategies and mentoring youth.

I am an entrepreneurial millennial, advocating wellness through this blog. I have been instilled with a passion to equip teens and twenty-somethings with Wholesome Valour. My mission is:

  • To help teens and young adults improve their health and wellbeing

  • To present new methods for empowering teens and twenty-somethings

  • To inspire people to create a lifestyle that enhances their full potential

  • To positively impact the lives of the current and future generations

If you are seeking advice on wellness, university, gap years, nomadic lifestyles or spirituality, welcome to the community! The content of Wholesome Valour focuses on these areas of life. Visit again to find exclusive information, stories, and how to’s on topics like, applying to university, living overseas, enriching your personal development, dropping out of college, career paths, finding a sense of belonging and so much more! Keep reading. I hope to empower each one of you with Wholesome Valour for anything on your life’s journey.

4 thoughts on “An Introduction to Wholesome Valour

    1. Hell Friederike! Thank you for your nomination. I am honoured! I look forward to posting my replies to your tag. Thank you! -Loraine at Wholesome Valour.


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