NAET the Healing Technique Everyone Should Know About

Imagine not reacting severely to foods you are allergic to, and maybe even being able to eat something you previously could not tolerate. Dream about what it would be like to vastly improve your thyroid and immune functions. Contemplate how it would feel to have fewer dizzy spells, faintness, better balance and more stamina. Envision feeling a consistent sense of calmness perfectly paired with more patience, grace and compassion for others around you. All this and more can be obtained without medication, supplements, or surgical operations.

Sound too good to be true? Well it isn’t! Your most bothersome symptoms and even some conditions can disappear completely with Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET).

I have been treated with NAET for three years. It has been a fundamental in helping to reduce my chronic health issues. Furthermore, this technique has provided deep insight to my practitioners in locating the root causes of my problems, as well as knowing the treatment options that will work best for me. This technique enables the patient to be treated for the unique individuality, rather than being prescribed a standardized protocol. I am excited to enlighten you about this life changing healing modality that has worked wonders in my life!

The Wonders of NAET 

Dr. Nabudripad is the physician beyond this wonderful healing art. Her personal history with multiple food sensitivities left her bed ridden and only able to eat lettuce. Now, she runs a successful practice in California, that has helped hundreds of thousands of patients restore their health. She also teaches the technique to other physicians and medical professionals all over the world.

The overview provided on their website states NAET is, “a non-invasive, drug free, natural solution to alleviate allergies of all types and intensities using a blend of selective energy balancing” ( Not only does this technique help to desensitise food, chemical and environmental allergies, it can also help restore emotional imbalances,

How does NAET it work?

NAET is a form of energy healing, something that cannot exactly be explained in direct terms, only experienced through life-altering results. I know from personal experience that NAET has worked wonders in my life. I have tried countless diets, treatments and lifestyle changes. This technique has helped minimise my over-reactive nervous system.

Energy healing is complex. If you find yourself doubting it can help you, I would like to suggest the following. Lauren Geertsen at Empowered Sustenance wrote two brilliant articles titled, An Open Letter to Skeptics of Alternative Medicine  and 5 Reasons We Must Search Beyond Science for Healing.  I highly recommend reading these articles, especially if you are questioning how energy healing could dramatically change lives.

What is an NAET session like? What can I expect? 

You can expect to see improvements in your wellbeing almost immediately. After only two NAET sessions, I noticed my acne cleared up. As I continued treatments, I was able to finally enjoy citrus fruits again without feeling sick. In the past one year, NAET has helped clear up unresolved viral infections in my body that supplements and medications could not reach.

A typical NAET session will vary depending on the practitioner, severity of sensitivities and how the patient’s body responds to treatments. The end results and protocol are generally the same, however some techniques and methods will vary between practitioners. I have had five NAET practitioners in the past three years, so I will describe my varied experiences below.

A session usually begins with the practitioner testing the patient for different allergies and sensitivities. Some practitioners rely on lab results from blood work or skin tests. Many practitioners use applied kinesiology, also known as muscle testing. Uniquely talented practitioners will use the occipital drop [more on this in part two!]. Once the sensitivities to be treated have been determined, the patient will be given a vial or multiple vials that contain the energy of the substances. The vials are completely closed, and only contain the energy, so it is completely safe even for those who have anaphylaxis. Not to mention practitioners are specially trained to deal with anaphylactic patients.

The patient holds the vial(s) while the practitioner applies gentle pressure to points along the spine. Some may use an arthrostim. Others use gentle massage pressure with their hands. I have even heard of one practitioner who uses a wooden toy car to run points on the back! The points are run four times. As the points are touched the patient is asked to breathe a certain way each time. First, breathe in and hold. Second, breathe out and hold. Third, breathe in and out (panting). Lastly, breathe normally.

The points are run because they contain the majority of the nerves that make up the entire nervous system in the body. Gently applying pressure to the points calms the nervous system down by desensitising it to the substance. The pressure is light and relaxing.

The patient continues to hold the vial(s) for ten to fifteen minutes until the practitioner runs the points on the back again. The process will be repeated three times or more during a session. At the end of the session, the practitioner will close the gate points on the hands, arms and feet by inserting acupuncture needles, applying acupressure or using a laser pen. Doing this is kind of like placing a period at the end of a sentence. It closes in all the new information the body has just learned.

Depending on what substance was treated, the practitioner may issue a protocol for the patient to follow for twenty-five hours after a session. For example, if metals or minerals were treated, the patient may have to avoid touching metal objects, wearing jewelry and using cutlery. If a food like eggs was treated, the patient will be advised to avoid all eggs and poultry products.

The practitioner will then check the patient again by muscle testing, or using the occipital drop to see if the patient cleared the substance during the treatment. Most often patients require more than one session to clear (desensitize) a substance.

What side affects will I experience from NAET? 

If you are lucky, none. You will feel great after a session. Some people, including me do experience some after affects of NAET. My first few sessions, I felt fine doing the treatments and noted significant improvements afterwards. For some substances, I noticed the treatments took longer and I needed several sessions to clear.  In the past year, I have been experiencing increased fatigue during NAET sessions. That’s quite normal, as the technique aims to calm the nervous system, thus resulting in a relaxed, sleepy feeling. I have also experienced strange phenomena, such as physically being able to feel enzymes re-awakening and flowing through my body, attacking bad bacteria.

Final Words 

NAET is not a quick fix, but it is a highly individualized style of treatment with a profound impact on one’s health. Each session has delivered deep insight to my symptoms. It helps me connect all the bits together and truly understand my body. There were times I had doubts as to whether or not NAET was actually working. There were points in time when I refused to anymore session because I felt I was wasting my time. During that time, I pursued other paths to healing, but did not receive the same immediate results that NAET provides. No matter what route you choose as you take charge of your healing, I want you to know there are many, many options out there. Do not settle for standardized, one-size-fits-all conventional medicine, without exploring alternatives. You are unique, so are your symptoms and your treatment plan should be in alignment with both.

I hope this article was informative for those interested to learn more about NAET.  I also hope it will enlighten those pursuing degrees in holistic and alternative health care to incorporate this technique in your practice. If you have experience with NAET please share in the comments below.

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